Lipidol sunscreen oil | Product Review


Hie guys!

I’m  so glad to share this review on a product I received from rubybox beauty South Africa. It is called the Lipidol sunscreen oil. The bottle of the product is very unique. I have never seen a sunscreen bottled up the way it is and I have to say it really suits the sunscreen oil. When opened , I really, really loved the tiny hole on the he opening of the bottle because the product is liquid and so the tiny opening allows you to use a sufficient amount of it.  I also think it also helps the sunscreen oil last longer than you think  it would.

Now I loved this product so much! When I applied this onto my skin, I really liked the soft texture it had as compared to an ordinary sunscreen that is soft but feels heavy when applied to your face. With the lipidol sunscreen oil, I  feel like it has a really soft liquid texture, so when you apply it doesn’t feel heavy on your face. Also another good thing is that the product  smells really good. As soon as I applied it on my face it smelt like a lightly fragranced lotion.


About a week ago, me and my sisters had a little swim at home and trust me, the sun was shining brighter than a diamond. So to protect my skin from the sun, I applied the lipidol sunscreen oil on my face before I swam and it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because i didn’t have to worry about the sun rays burning up my face and making my skin go darker. Therefore I believe the product  really does its job well: it feels light on your face, it smells really pleasant and most importantly, it protects your skin from the sun.

Final Thoughts

Honestly guys, I have said it all. I absolutely love the lipidol sunscreen oil. I will definitely  be purchasing this product again because unlike other sunscreens I have used it doesn’t make my skin feel heavier, look darker and extremely oily.  But the most important  thing is that it is an oil that protects your skin from getting burnt by the sun. It left my skin soft and smooth, smelling good and feeling protected!


I hope you readers try this product. And I hope you all have positive feedback about it like I do.

Thank you

Xoxo Its A Girazi Thang 😘

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