Review: MARK by AVON

Hey Guys !

Mark by Avon has produced some exciting new products that me and my sister were very excited to use. These products are amazing and i suggest you guys should try them too.IMG_3414


The lip liner is perfect- just one swipe and the colour appears exactly the way it is on the pencil. This is something which I really liked about it because it only took one easy swipe and you didn’t have to repeat the process on your lips in order to get the colour that you expected to get. The pencil is also soft when you draw on your lip. Even when sharpened, the tip is still smooth and great to work with. Another thing I loved about it is that it really helped to define my lips when I added the lipstick to it. That purple colour really brought out the beautiful vivid violet lipstick.


The Vivid violet lipstick is amazing guys. I’m not just saying that because I love the colour purple but also because it is a beautiful colour that I believe will look amazing when applied on anybody. It is a purple that is not too dark and not too light so it is simply perfect. The lipstick is also long-lasting when applied to your lips. After 6 hours, I noticed I did need to add a bit of lipstick back onto my lips, but 6 hours is a long time so it’s not so bad. Like the lip liner, one swipe leaves a perfect shade. The best part is that there is no need to apply the lipstick twice or three times. This is because with the lip- liner I talked about above, it allows the purple colour of the lipstick to be well defined


. Did I forget to mention the smell? Trust and believe me when I say that this lipstick has an amazing scent. It smells like sweets and roses- like a perfume on your lips. The lipstick also sticks to your lips- when your hand mistakenly hits your lips, the lipstick does not leave its place, meaning it sticks to where it is supposed to be. This is also one thing that I loved because I left the faintest lipstick stains on my glasses. Eating was an easy task because I did not have to worry about it wearing off so easily.

The Fearless lipstick has a nice dark Barbie pink colour to it. Honestly, I did feel like it was over the top when I first saw it. However, when I applied it onto my lips, all the negative thoughts just dissolved into thin air. I mean, the shade was great! If you are not really a fan of pink shades of lipstick like I am, trust me, this Mark by Avons Fearless lipstick is one that you should give a shot. Like the purple lipstick, it carries a pleasant smell.

Coccoa kisses is a nude lipstick which I really like. It has a milky faint brown shade which I really like. If you are looking for a nude lipstick, this one is one of the best. It also has a hint of glitter added to it but it doesn’t really show when you apply it which is why I think it is a great nude lipstick.IMG_3426

Let’s talk about the packaging of these lipsticks. This new packaging is very interesting to me. I find it so unique because most lipstick brands tend to have one colour that is on the container and less detail applied to the container too. However, with these new Mark Avon lipsticks, they surprised me with their stylized bold writing and their all white background. Have you ever seen that before? Well, I haven’t and so I found the package eye-catching and very unique. The white background on the lipstick product also makes it easy for me to find it when it is hidden deep inside my bag.


The eye shadow ink is one hell of a make-up product that they have. I received a gold eye shadow ink and it is so good. It has this soft and creamy texture to it which I found really lovely. The eye shadow ink also has an amazing gold colour with a dash of glitter put in it giving your eyes a shiny glow when you apply it. The ink also doesn’t fade away after hours until you decide to wipe it off yourself.



And speaking about wiping off the makeup, this ink is also easily removable. Believe me, you will not have to rub your eyes with your make-up remover over and over again. The container is really strong too. I mistakenly dropped mine on a hard tiled floor (Oops!) but it didn’t even break into pieces or leave any crack on it. The glass of the container is small, portable and also very strong. Smell is very important, so this ink does have a great scent to it which leaves you feeling extra beautiful and glammed up.


In a nutshell, I think these products are amazing. They leave you feeling extra beautiful and give you a defined look. The lipsticks are in great shades and are also long lasting. I would recommend that you try these products and see how amazing they are.

Thank you.


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