Hey guys! So sorry for being MIA lately on the blog. But, I am back with another exciting product review on a Pilaten Blackhead Removal. Me and my sister (Daisy) were super excited to try this product because it is a peel of mask (we’ve always wanted to try these out so yaaay!!). So a bug thank you to Ruby Box SA for sending us this amazing product.

20170519_091030 - Copy20170519_091010 - Copy

I loved the mask because it is easy to apply, it dries fast (within 10-15 minutes) and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. I will admit it was a bit messy when I was putting it on (I guess that’s how all face masks can be… or maybe I’m just a clumsy person). So please concentrate fully when applying the mask and make sure you give this task your full attention.  I thought taking it off was going to hurt like hell, but it was actually not bad.

20170519_091327I was a little concerned about the amount that I had to put on because the sachet is so tiny. Lol, I thought I was going to have to use two of them. But one was more than enough because after applying it, it all started to spread on my face. The picture on the left shows the application of the product, but please read on as i will into more detail of how this is done. You don’t want to get the mask stuck on your face forever (Jokes 😃 ). Below, I will show you how to properly do it because it must be done perfectly for the best results.

Waiting for it to dry didn’t even take long. My skin just got tighter and tighter as the air blew across my face letting the mask dry. Just set your alarm for a 15 minute countdown and you are good to go. When it dried up, my face felt super tight! It was like I had so much tough skin covering my face, but I knew that it was working well.

20170519_090952 - Copy
Now I know some of you are anxious to know about the smell (we all love products that smell good don’t we?) but trust and believe me when I say the smell is not that bad. It smells like a super glue.  However, the smell is not that strong to the point were you would get irritated by it. It really didn’t bother me as much as i thought it would.

Ladies please note that for it to work or preferably for it to give you the best results, here is what you need to do when applying the mask:
1. Wash the application area with a cleanser to remove excess dirt from the area.
2. Open the pores on your face for it to work effectively.
• This can be accomplished by laying a hot wet cloth on the area
• Boil water, pour it into a bowl or bucket and hold your face over it.
3. Once you feel like your pores have sufficiently steamed, pat the application area dry. DO NOT RUB IT TO DRY as this will cause the pores to close. ☹
4. Apply a medium layer to the application area, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.
5. Allow it to dry (15 to 20 minutes).
6. Peel it off to remove the blackheads and complete the process. Repetition is required.

Here are some before, during and after pics

After peeling it off, I saw whiteheads, blackheads, dirt.  This mask is magic.  My face looked a little dry but other than that, it felt so soft, smooth and dirt free.

Oh I almost forgot!
I used an alternative to a Facial cleanser to remove any excess dirt. (Haven’t really found a facial cleanser suitable for my skin ☹ but I used an exfoliator to remove dead skin and dirt- if you want, this can be an alternative).


You can purchase Gill in pick’n’pay, game, checkers, clicks, spar, etc (It’s everywhere, trust me 😊)

6 easy steps leaving your skin feeling, soft, smooth and blackhead free. I am a person that has very sensitive skin (I react to new products especially on my face) but this face mask gave me no problems what so ever. Therefore, I recommend the product for all skin types.

A special thank you to all friends that tried the product and had fantastic results: Heather, Ruvimbo, Samia, Ronell, Zanga, Elliane, Ella, Kananelo, Vanessa, Seka, Tebogo, Ravana, Chloe and Guguletho.

Purchasing details: http://rubybox.co.za/beauty-reviews/pilaten-face-mask.html

Try it and let me know what you guys think..
See you soon.



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