15697266_388115868204785_5203264148838032432_nWhy a Blog ?

To be honest I was never really interested in blogging  I thought it was just something  that involved a lot of reading on certain topics that I didn’t really care about. However one day I realized that when I wanted to read about someone’s Adventure, lifestyle, beauty hacks, makeup hacks, fashion or  food recipe, I would actually be reading a Blog. And this actually hit me and I said to myself “ i love reading these blog posts because they are actually helpful”. I started to get interested in trying to write some things myself. When me and my sister started a YouTube channel I thought why not write down some of these things that I’m placing in the video with my sister, why not also share these in a Blog.  Blogging and youtubing (is that a word?) are two different things so why not share it with people through two different types of media.  And so that’s when I realized that I want to start my own blog.  I wanted to share so many things with bloggers  and readers that were interested in any of the stuff that I had to say in the blog. I wanted to write on topics which were helpful just like most of the blog posts that i read.

I would never really find time to myself to actually write down on any topic that I wanted to talk about but I found out that the more I delayed on putting  up a blog, the more it would end up not happening.  I just decided to start writing different entries that I wanted to share and started talking down different topics that I wanted to talk about. I know it’s going to be very hard to do it but I’m just hopeful that I get the support and love from everyone that reads on anything posted.

What to expect?

I don’t just love one thing. It’s impossible! I love so many things. Therefore, you guys should expect posts on things such as Fashion, Hair, Food and lifestyle. I just want to share as much as i can and i hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and hopefully get inspired by them.

You may be asking yourself why I’m going to be posting on several different topics, well, that’s because  i love all that. Lol, yes, i love fashion: clothing  is everything. When I was little I would always tell people that I wanted to become a fashion designer. I loved drawing models dressed in clothes and I also loved sneaking into my mothers closet playing dress up with  my sisters  in her clothes.  Hair has always been a struggle  for me. I have been natural for 6 years now and the struggle  with  my natural hair has been real, so I will be posting  on the things that me and my sister do to take care of our natural hair.  I love cooking  too. I always try different recipes and I love to spice things up on our family menu. I see cooking as a hobby that’s  actually fun, plus, the results are always  yummy. Last but not least, lifestyle  is very important. We all have different ways of living and I would be more than happy to share mine with you guys.

Who are we ?

It’s A Girazi Thang – is a group made of two sisters  with Daisy being the oldest and Nadine falling  right behind her. Daisy edits the YouTube  video’s while I (Nadine) will be taking care of the blog entries.

We are half Mozambican and half Zimbabwean. (I actually came up with a name for that called Mozimbo, but Daisy doesn’t like it. Lol) Our dad is from Mozambique and our mum is from Zimbabwe which is why we are half Moz and half Zim! Daisy actually  started the YouTube  channel herself. I was not really interested in showing my face on camera. However she asked me to join her and I did. I thought  it was going to be temporary but i did end up liking  the camera and showing people different typed of videos. After the YouTube  channel, i thought, why not start a blog? And here we are.

Hope you all enjoyed reading a post.







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