Nivea Perfect and Radiant Day Cream- A Product Review.

Hey beautiful people!

So i wanted to share this post to talk about this wonderful product called the Nivea Perfect and Radiant day cream.  I absolutely love this day cream and i honestly can’t complain about it.

So it has been exactly 2 weeks since i received and started using the product. I have been applying the Nivea Perfect and Radiant Cream every morning after i shower.  I use my index finger and place three dots on my face- on my forehead, my left cheek and my right cheek.  Trust me, this is enough to moisturize your face. Using it once a day is also enough, so you don’t have to worry about the cream running out too quickly.  Although i got mine two weeks ago, it still looks as good as new.


I still have blemishes but they look like they are less defined (see before and after pictures below).  Like seriously, before i used this cream, my blemishes could be easily spotted. But now, i feel like they are slowly but surely trying to fade away with time.  I know that i might have to wait longer than two weeks for my it to disappear and i am willing to do so.  Someone once told me that “if you want something, you have to be patient.”  So i think patience is what i need to push me towards my goal- no blemishes! But for now, i honesty am happy with what i have achieved so far!

Another thing that i love about the Nivea Perfect and Radiant day cream is that my skin is GLOWING (i mean melanin be popping). I looove the glow that my skin has nowadays.  It makes me feel more confident about where my skin is going and i am really looking forward to the final results.  On top of the glowing skin, my face feels soft and smooth almost as perfect as a baby’s bum.


The price of the product is a bit much for a cream but it is worth it.  The cream aims to give you Perfect and Radiant skin: skin that’s soft, smooth, glowing and even-tone.  Omg!! Speaking of even tone skin, i started to notice that my skin colour has gotten even throughout. It looks amazing and i can’t help but apply the cream every morning for better skin.  One last thing is that my skin is less oily and greasy. The oil is just enough and i absolutely love it!

Here are some before and after pics:

Before (Right cheek and left cheek):

After (Right cheek and left cheek):


To end this review, i must say that i do love this product because it has been good to my skin: that means, no reactions or skin breakouts.  I will continue using it until my blemishes fade and maybe even after they fade. I am amazed with the results i achieved so far.  You should try it too 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post.



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