NEW Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap: A Review

Hey beautiful people!

So its been exactly 2 weeks since i started using the new Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap.  I am not really a person that likes changing my bath soap.  I like sticking to one thing; but i could not resist using this soap once i received it.

A reason why i couldn’t resist using this soap was because when the soap was still in the package, it smelt so good.  The sweet scent literally overpowered my room.  It got to a point where i wanted my body to carry the same scent that the soap had.  On my first day after using it, i did feel a significant difference in the way my skin felt.  It was softer and smoother than usual.  The best part was that my body smelt so much like pomegranate.   I just find the smell of the soap so pleasing and i love the fact that the smell remained on my body the whole day.  After a nice shower, the whole bathroom will be filled with the strong sweet scent of the soap.



Okay enough about the scent 🙂 ! I think this soap helped to make my skin more even tone.  With the help of this Dettol and the Nivea Perfect and Radiant Day Cream i don’t have to hide the blemishes on my cheeks with my hair anymore (i can finally tie my hair up without having to hide the blemishes on my cheeks since they are fading).  My blemishes seem to fade away day by day and i was amazed that this happened within 2 weeks.  My skin looks more appealing when i look at myself in the mirror. I love it!

After taking a shower, i always feel refreshed because all the dirt is being removed from my body and sent down the drain.  It takes out 99.9% of germs from your body and trust me, you will feel germ free when using the soap during and after your shower.  I loved the fact that this effect did not only last for a few hours like my regular soap did, but it lasted for the whole day.  It really does make you feel more confident about your skin.

The soap is amazing and i am blown away by the results my body has received in just two weeks.  I love the fact that i can use it on both my face an body to achieve a germ free body and eventone skin.  I honestly am thinking of using it all the time.  A few hours ago, i was even on the phone with my mum telling her that i want her and my sisters to try it.  I know they will love it…and i know you will too!

Try the Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap.  Believe me, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin.



12 thoughts on “NEW Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap: A Review

    1. i used the antiseptic dettol soap when i was growing up too!! I don’t know why i stopped! This is the only dettol soap bar i have used and it is amazing! Thank you so much for taking your time to read 🙂


  1. I’ve never heard of this soap before but I am open to trying it. I love soaps that have a nice, long lasting smell. Can this be bought online?


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