Hey beautiful people!

So i know it’s been a while and as usual, i am back with another product review.  This one is on a teeth whitening toothpaste called Elgydium Whitening.  I received two products: one was the full-size whitening toothpaste and the other was the full-size Brilliance & Care toothpaste. Now lets break down these products one by one.


  1. The Whitening Toothpaste.

This toothpaste removes unwanted stains from your teeth.  It does all this in about 2 weeks.  The stains on your teeth will visibly disappear which is a great task that the product is able to complete. This allows you to regain the natural white color in your teeth giving you that perfect white-teeth smile. Not only does it remove stains, but it also protects the enamel.  This leaves your teeth feeling stronger than ever.  It also gives a nice fresh and minty feel when you brush your teeth (almost like eating the Dentyne Xtra Care Gentle Mint Gum).

2. Elgydium Anti-Stain Toothpaste Cure.

This one is a blue, gel-like toothpaste with a fresh-minty smell.  It really has a strong effect in terms of removing food stains.  Therefore, it is advisable to use this toothpaste 2 times a week.  The side effect of using this is that it does cause gum irritation which nobody wants to go through.  But other than that, it is amazing for bringing back the natural white color in your teeth.


These are two great products that  go hand in hand when it comes to preserving the white color in your teeth.  They are also quite affordable too and can be found in easily accessible stores such as Clicks, Dis-chem and Independent pharmacies sell these products.








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