New Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lippies: A Review.

Hey guys

My apologies for being absent on the blog for too long.  But i’m back now! I am finally done with my exams, which means more blogging time (yaaaay)!!!! Anyways, lets dive straight into the purpose of this blog post :D. Not so long ago i got the Rimmel London’s NEW Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours.

I got so many different colours and i  just want to show you guys the variety, as well as  my thoughts and feelings about the lippies.  🙂

Here are a few images that show you how the colours look like when applied.



These colours are all beautiful but i did pick out some of my favorite colors.

Midnight is the darkest shade that i received from the range and i absolutely love it.  Its this really deep purple colour.  I have purple lipstick but i have to say, out of all the purple lip shades i have, this one is my favorite.  It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on my lips.  It’s the perfect matte, with an amazing smooth texture left on your lips after you put it on.  And to top it all off, it smells like sweets or a lightly fragranced perfume [(i couldn’t decide between the two) (That goes for all the other shades as well)]



I was able to stay with the matte from 9am in the morning till 12am (had a pretty long day catching up with the family). So it really is a long lasting matte.  Another advantage was that i didn’t have to reapply it on my lips at all.  The bold shade remained the same for the whole day. It never faded, it never left a single mark on my glass when i drank water and the boldness never came off even after i made the mistake of wiping my lips with my hands.


When you apply it, it feels like there is nothing on your lips.  I honestly think that is also the best thing about the product.  Your lips will just feel natural.  You will not feel uncomfortable at all.

The pinks were not really my favorite.  I just didn’t like the way they looked on me. In fact, i just don’t like a pink lip color on me in general.  But maybe one day the tables will turn.



I say you should give this lip gloss range a go.  The new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip really makes me feel confident.  Despite the fact that i disliked the pink shades, i still praised the quality of the product itself.  They really complimented my skin colour and made me feel really good in them.

I hope you all try it out.  The purchasing details are as follows:

Thank you for reading!



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