Justine Dailycare Perfecting Range: A Review

Hey guys!

I hope everyone has been doing great! I recently got the new Justin Daily-care Perfecting Range. I have 3 products which are the foaming cleanser, moisturizing day cream and the toner.


The three products in the Justin Daily-care Perfecting Range can  be differentiated (in a good way). I found the foaming cleanser really helpful. It eliminates the dirt on your face and cleanses your skin at the same time. It is a very friendly product to people with sensitive skin, so if you have skin break outs now and then or if you are looking for something to help reduce the acne or blemishes, this can really help. Just use it every morning and night to cleanse your face and you will start to see some great results.

The moisturizing day cream works in 4 weeks. Just apply a generous amount of the light weight cream after a using the foaming cleanser. As you use this cream day by day, you will see great results. It is also a great moisturizer to use during the harsh winter season (no one enjoys dry skin or skin that tends to peel off now and then). It contains SPF 25 which reduces discoloration in the skin and gives it a more even complexion. SPF 25 also protects your skin from the burning rays of the sun during the hot summer days.

The toner is suitable for all skin types. If you have uneven skin, this will be very helpful when it comes to balancing it all out. After a long day of wearing make-up, this can also assist in removing the make-up traces on your face and at the same time, giving your skin some healthy nutrients.

These three products have some features in common, For example, they all contain phytol and bearberry extract.

  • Phytol contains vitamin E and K which assist in leaving your skin more youthful and allowing new and healthy cells to develop.
  • Bearberry is a gentle and natural product that improves the appearance of your skin leaving it even and glowing.

It is important to know that these three products are formulated with Chamomile and this benefits the skin.

  • it is an anti-inflammatory agent which assists in cooling down the skin and reducing acne inflammation
  • it gives the skin a more natural look
  • makes your skin feel softer and smoother
  • it is anti-bacterial

The Justine Daily Care range also comes in other forms such as the Hydrating range and the balancing range which i believe also benefit the skin.

Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

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Until next time!



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