Nivea Perfect and Radiant Sensitive Day Cream: A Review

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Video on Nivea perfect and radiant day cream for sensitive skin

I recently got the new Nivea Perfect and Radiant day cream for sensitive skin. This is a new product addition to their perfect and radiant product range which i absolutely love! The day cream has beneficial ingredients for the skin. One interesting ingredient i found was the grape seed oil. Believe it or not, i have seen products with this oil but this is my first time using a product with grape seed oil. Not only does it allow for a good scent of the product, but it also is a non-irritating formula especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin.

There are other helpful ingredients in the day cream as well. These include SPF-15. I think most Nivea products have started using this product a lot. This is a good thing because SPF-15 protects your skin from heat damage caused the the burning rays of the sun. I have spoken a lot about the benefits of this ingredient in some of my previous blog posts   (Nivea Perfect and Radiant Day Cream Review)


Overall Benefits of Day Cream

  • reduces appearance of dark marks- this is beneficial to those who have acne or have had acne before and are struggling to eliminate the blemishes on their faces.
  • smoothens your skin and improves the skin appearance
  • moisturizes your skin
  • reduces skin tightness and redness
  • works well on sensitive skin

The product also works its magic in two weeks. Its all about you being consistent when it comes to applying the product every day for two weeks. Even after the two weeks have exceeded, im sure some will be reluctant to turn to their old day creams and thats fine! It is proven to continue benefiting the skin at all times.


Another thing i love about this product is that even though the bottle is tiny, I can tell this tiny bottle is going to last me a while because it is a day cream which is only used in the morning after cleansing your face. You also don’t need to apply too much at once. Just a little of the product leaves your skin looking and feeling soft and radiant for the day (and even at night when it is not applied). It is also effective as it works internally by actively improving your skin and giving you the benefits above.

Try this product out and let me know what you think. This new formula is really is helpful to those with sensitive skin looking for a product to

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